Consulting laboratory 

in innovation, formulation and development 

of natural and high performance 

make-up products

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« Playing with pigments, pearls and textures always enjoyed me.

25 years at the head of the R&D formulation laboratory, I was able to create, in collaboration with the Make Up Artists, several iconic products for a brand recognized for their performance and efficiency.

I have now created YOURGNEWS to share my expertise in make-up formulation and my knowledge in the development of make-up products.

I imagine, I create, I emulsify, I develop innovative make up formulas that are effective and natural.

And I accompany you in the development of these formulas from your brief to their manufacture. »


The laboratory creates your exclusive make-up formulas that meet your textural and color innovations

YOURGNEWS customizes your specific formulas and creates your differentiating make up and clean beauty concepts.

Hybrid formulas, active ingredients complexes and targeted cosmetic properties,

let’s create together your unique formulas combining performance and naturality.




In each beaker

In each formula

Clean Beauty


YOURGNEWS shapes your innovations and supports you in their technical development.

Each step of your project is validated from the marketing brief to the industrialization.

Depending on the galenic, the mixing and filling technologies, or the volumetry of your project,

thanks to its know-how and experience,

YOURGNEWS will direct you to the most appropriate industrial partners

to ensure the optimized manufacturing and successful marketing of your product.

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